H2O Wireless understands how promotional merchandise can improve your business by attracting more customers. That´s why we´ve designed the Signature Store Program. When you join the program, you´ll receive a H2O merchandise package--a $500 value-- to create an amazing store display. There is no-cost for the program, no-charge for the merchandise, and it´s all ready to ship to your trusted retailers at no cost to you!
Retailers need to submit two photos of their store (one of the inside and one of the outside) to their H2O Master as proof that it is a valid store. Masters must have these photos to complete the registration process in the H2O Dealer Portal*. This is where Masters will enter the retailer´s name, location, and tax ID. Once the submission is complete and the retailer is pre-approved, H2O will prepare a Signature Store Basic Kit and ship it to the retailer. When the merchandise is received, the retailer MUST set-up their store with the items, according to H2O Wireless´ specifications, and submit photos of their H2O´d store for final Approval into the program. As part of the program, H2O will refill the items as needed—free of charge. Masters are required to continuously track their retailers´ performance and to make sure they upload a picture of their store. The picture must display all of the H2O merchandise that was sent to your retailers.

*Only H2O Masters can submit qualified retailers for the program through the H2O Dealer Portal. Please contact your H2O master for qualification details.

Please note that H2O Wireless team divided all participating stores into five regions below: